Outflow Dust: Cheyenne Wells, CO
August 26, 2002

Photos of outflow from the St. Francis, KS storm of August 26. The outflow was racing south and westward away from the storm, covering everything in dust. Here are three photos of the chasers being overtaken by the rolling red wall in Cheyenne Wells. There were lots of spinups on the leading edge of the outflow, including several gustandoes ripping through the barren fields.

The dust cloud continued to envelope us from the Kansas border all the way back to Limon (more than 80 miles from the main updraft), surrounding everything in a red "cloud" where visibility was frequently reduced to zero. Not quite the Dust Bowl, but certainly another reminder of the seriousness of the drought parts of the West are experiencing.

Radar reflectivity loop

Note the telephone poles in the distance as reference
Overtaking Highway 40
Moments before impact

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