Chicago Rail Locations

A set of overlays I created for Google Earth that show current and abandoned mainline trackage of railroads in the Chicago and northwest Indiana areas, separated by ownership, subdivision, and showing major yards, junctions, and interchange points.

> Download version 0.11       (available soon)


To use, download the KMZ file and open with Google Earth. Drag the top-level folder into your "My Places" to save.

Subdivisions shows lines, color-coded by railroad ownership, and broken down by subdivision. You can expand the "CRL - Subdivisions" folder to see the list.

Active and defunct locations are major interlockings, junctions, etc. Yards show the locations of classification yards.

Tips, comments, and so-forth

  • Google Earth contains its own railroad overlay, typically found under Places of Interest / Transportation / Railroads. CRL can and should be used together with the built-in overlay, since the latter shows many abandoned lines, non-main tracks, and Metra stations as well.

  • No attempt is made to place the Location pushpins in the exact position of interlocking towers, for example; they are simply placed near the location they are meant to represent.

  • I'm sure there are errors, so corrections are welcomed. New versions will be released as corrections are made.