Fort Collins Railroad Map

A map of the modern day railroads of Fort Collins, Colorado, including the BNSF street-running on Mason Street. I make no guarantees of map accuracy, and welcome changes and additions.

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Chicago Rail Locations

A set of overlays I created for Google Earth that show current and abandoned mainline trackage of railroads in the Chicago and northwest Indiana areas, separated by ownership, subdivision, and showing major yards, junctions, and interchange points.

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Indiana Harbor Belt

Another mapping project. My map of the modern-day IHB railroad appears in the book Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad in Color, published by Morning Sun Books in 2011. The book can be purchased here.


Photo Essays

I'm not much into doing photo essays at the moment, but figured I would leave these three originals as they are. You can find better photos at most of these locations by just doing a quick web search... but if nothing else, they give a taste of mainline railroading in the West, and I guess that was more-or-less their purpose in the first place.

Photo Essay 3

Moffat Road, Granby to Bond

Photo Essay 2

Union Pacific's Overland Route in Nebraska

Photo Essay 1

Powder River Basin, eastern Wyoming

Railroad Interests

I am interested in many facets of railroading, including:

Chicago area interlocking towers are of special interest, since I have been fortunate enough to observe operations inside several of the remaining nineteenth century interlocking towers that protect Chicago's numerous junctions and crossings.